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Ergos, mei tais, and other soft structured carriers

For the Ergo, visit their official website: The Ergo Baby Carrier. Here, you can find videos, as well as written instructions, with lots of pictures. You can do 3 different holds with the ergo- carry on front (facing you), carry on back (facing you) or carry on hip (facing you). These are all designed for babies four months and up, or babies who have good head control. For use with a younger baby, you need the infant insert. The ergo is probably one of the easiest carriers to learn how to use, because it just has a few buckles, instead of learning how to tighten rings and what-not. (however, I strongly recommend taking the time to try a few things, and see what you like best!) It also seems to be a carrier most guys prefer over others, because of the ease of use.

Personal story: I used the ergo day in and day out for the first 3 or so months of my daughter's life (including naps). She was a fussy, high-needs baby, and though I planned on using a variety of carriers, I didn't get a chance to till she was a bit older and started balancing out (around 2 1/2 months, I believe). The ergo didn't really have a learning curve, whereas the others did. Other carriers are definitely worth taking the time to learn, but if you want a carrier that's super simple and effortless, the ergo is definitely the way to go. One major downside, though, is the limited positions you can do. Once Viviana was a couple months old, she wanted to be able to see better. At that point, we mixed in the stretchy wrap and maya wrap ring sling a lot. At 21 pounds, and 7 months old, Viviana still likes the ergo a lot, and I like how well it supports her weight. My husband also enjoys wearing it, especially on hikes.

Mei Tai: There are a lot of sites out there, and even information on making your own, if you're handy with a sewing machine. Currently, all our mei tais are homemade. These are Asian carriers, and similar in structure to the ergo, except they have long straps which cross and tie instead of buckles.
This Kozy Carrier site has a whole page of info for different holds. While it's for a specific brand, all mei tais are pretty similar and compatible. Note: I DO NOT reccomend doing the newborn back carry!
This site offers some videos for a couple different holds with a mei tai.

Personal story: I am only just starting to use the mei tai. I anticipate liking it very much! I just never got around to making one, and could only justify purchasing so many carriers. Since this is similar to the ergo, it got pushed to the back of my to-do list. I'll update as I continue to use it!


  1. Would you have a gently used Ergo for sale?

  2. How funny you should find this- I keep thinking I need to temporarily close this site, because after I put it all together, we ended up totally changing who we are/what we do. The whole lending library thing isn't working due to liability....
    Anyway, as to your question though. I actually do. I purchased it in excellent used condition from someone on ebay. You can tell it has been worn, but it's in much better condition than mine (which is 9 months old, and very loved). I paid $72 for it, and purchased it to resell at the same price (I just got it because it was a good deal and I thought it might help someone out to not have to browse ebaby themselves). However, if I shipped it I would want compensation for that, which would up the price to $78-80. So, while I would love to sell it and not be out the money any longer, if you have the time to, I would recommend you check out ebay yourself, and avoid paying double shipping. There are even some dealers who sell brand new ones at great prices. For used ones, I found it worked well to put items of interest in a watch list till the last day, and then place whatever bid I was willing to pay. Since I couldn't find a used one for a good price when I was pregnant with my first a year or so ago, I was amazed at how many great priced ones are on there now. And lots from people that only used them for a couple hours. Anyway- I hope that's helpful, and if you're still interested in mine, e-mail me. Like I said, I'm happy to go that route- it just might not be the best deal for you, if I'd have to ship it.
    I LOVE the ergo!