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Stretchy Wraps

Stretchy Wraps: These are really long pieces of stretchy fabric which wrap around you in a certain way and tie, creating a nest for the baby. There are a wide range of position options. Currently, we only have homemade stretchy wraps available, similar to Moby Wraps. You can download Moby Wrap’s instructions here. Other videos are available on youtube and all over the web. Moby Wrap doesn’t show it, but you can also do a kangaroo style position, where baby’s facing out with their legs curled up. Or, for shorter periods of time, you can leave their legs sticking out, especially when they’re a little older. I don’t recommend using this position extensively- it isn’t as supportive for you, and isn’t necessarily the optimal position for their spine. However, some babies enjoy the opportunity to kick for a while. Position possibilities with the stretchy wrap are almost endless- just make sure baby is secure and comfortable!

Personal Experience: Vivi and I have experimented with the stretchy wrap for several months now, with very pleasant results. It does take a minute to put on, unlike most other carriers, but you can take baby in and out while it’s still on you, so, for example, if you were to hit a couple stores, you could take baby out to put in car seat, while leaving the wrap wrapped on you. It’s very supportive, because it spreads the weight all across your back and shoulders. It’s also really snuggly. Though I didn’t get the opportunity to experiment, I definitely see this working really well for newborns who don’t like to be put down, it’s very snuggly, and I think most newborns would fall asleep easily in here- and being held so close to you, would enable you to still do things. Even as an older baby, it’s still working well for us.

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